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SodaBlast Systems, LLC


The Eco-Friendly Blasting Solution!




SodaBlast Systems, LLC


The Ultimate Cleaning System!

SBS is a leader in manufacturing quality blasting equipment that is highly efficient, productive, and uses environmentally safe blast media.


The blasting equipment that SBS manufactures represents successful results of our many years of manufacturing and historical engineering experiences. Our equipment provides the most effective and economical results available from the blast cleaning equipment industry today.


The purchase of SBS equipment can also add to your company's service repertoire. Use it take to take care of your own cleaning needs, then generate additional cash flow by outsourcing the equipment or providing services. The business possibilities are endless.

The SodaBlaster™.


SodaBlasting Advantages:
One Step De-Coating
Unique Cutting Action
No Pre-Cleaning Required
No Need to Re-Profile Steel
Reduced Solid Waste
Natural Rust Inhibitor
Reduced Clean-Up costs
Increased Worker Safety
Removes Odors
Removes Mildew
No Dangerous Solvents
Does Not Produce Sparks
Improved Crack Detection
No Residue Problems
Reduce Surface Acids
Fire Restoration
Mold Remediation
SSPC - NACE Standards


SBS always takes pride in the quality and workmanship
of our products. We always
keep the customer's needs
and best interest in mind.





“I highly recommend sodablasting, in fact, I have suggested it to several of my friends. Since we finally got rid of all the stinky chemicals involved in dipping, and sodablast the parts, I would NEVER go back.” – Ron


“We Clean an average of 20 sq/ft per minute when using the SB200 Mobile SodaBlaster.” – Don

"There is an extensive amount of space we have cleaned, and countless hours we've put on the machine with very little maintenance, etc. Thanks." –Steve

"Benny, Now that's taking care of your customer! Thanks I really appreciate your concern with my capabilities of generating business! Believe me, I have talked to a lot of soda blast distributors over the past couple of days. None of them were concerned with how I was going to succeed but more so, how I was going to pay for a soda blast system." - Mike






The SodaBlast System

Buy a SodaBlaster!

In the past, the only way you could really clean, remove paint or some other unsightly material from an exterior or contaminated surface was to either chip it off, sand blast it, use harsh chemicals, or hand sand it until your arm fell off, or your equipment failed.


With Soda Blasting, any surface can be cleaned and coatings of any kind can be stripped from a substrate both efficiently and safely.


Soda Blasting is very similar to traditional sand blasting yet has the significant advantage of cleaning the surface without causing any harm to the substrate or the environment.


SodaBlasters Are Versatile!








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